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"For any parent who cares about their kids and is considering divorce...this book is required reading. " - Ethan S.
Putting Kids First 
in Divorce
How to Reduce Conflict, Preserve Relationships, and Protect Your Children During & After Divorce
If you want to reduce conflict, stay out of court, and put your kids' needs first....this book is for you!
Actionable Divorce Advice from High-Integrity Divorce Professionals
A truly insightful collection of non-adversarial collaborative divorce solutions which focus on preserving family relationships; before, during and after divorce. 
10 Value-Filled Interview-Style Chapters:
  • Choose Cooperation Over Combat 
  • Stay Out of Court! Choose Mediation or Collaborative Divorce Over Litigation
  • For Kids, What Divorce Breaks Apart, Strong Co-Parenting Rebuilds
  • Using Mediation to Build a Happy Blended Family
  • Approaching Divorce With Mindfulness And Compassion
  • How to Establish Boundaries and Promote Healthy Communication
  • How to Work on Your Marriage When It No Longer Works
  • Guilt-Free Parenting in Divorce
  • How to Help Your Teen Survive and Thrive After Divorce
  • The Road to Resiliency: How to Raise Resilient Children Through a Family Transition
Meet the Authors...

Jeremy Kossen

Jeremy Kossen is the co-founder of, an e-learning and media company focused on helping parents navigate their divorce in a manner that reduces conflict and lessens potential damage to themselves and loved ones while allowing them to achieve personal growth in the face of adversity. offers a myriad of resources including blogs, webinars, e-learning courses (soon!), and podcasts.
Jeremy is an author and a regular contributor to national and international media.  He feels blessed to be the father of two incredible children, Chloe Rose and Griffin Asher.

Mark B. Baer

Recognized by the National Association of Distinguished Counsel in an elite class of the nation's top one percent of attorneys, Mark Baer, Esq, mediator, collaborative divorce practitioner, author, lecturer, keynote speaker and legal analyst, is one of the most accomplished professionals in family law. 

A former family law litigator, Mark witnessed firsthand the inherent flaws of the family court system. Recognizing mediation as a far less destructive approach to divorce, Mark left litigation in 2012. Mark is recognized for his pro-vocative and forward-thinking ideas on improving the way in which family law is handled. 

Karen Bonnell

Karen Bonnell, ARNP, MS, of Coach Mediate Consult,  is a clinical nurse specialist with over 30 years of experience. As a Divorce / Co-Parent Coach, Karen has dedicated her work to thoughtfully resolving conflicts one family at a time. 

She wrote The Co-Parents’ Handbook (July 2014), authored Co-Parent Coaching: The Next Page in the Collaborative Playbook, featured in The Collaborative Review: The International Academy of Collaborative Professionals. And she authored/created The Parenting Plan Handbook (November 2015).

Amanda D. Singer & Jennifer M. Segura

Amanda and Jennifer provide a variety of divorce services at San Diego Family Mediation Center. They aim to help you and your family deal with conflict constructively and find ways to improve communication, solve problems, and reach agreements on legal and non-legal issues.

Jennifer and Amanda's mediation services offer a safe place for everyone in a blended family to have a voice. Their services help all members of the family to gain a new perspective, of themselves, and the other members of the family.  

Belinda N. Zylberman

Driven by a desire, fueled by early life experiences, to resolve her own "outer" and "inner" worlds of conflict, Belinda committed her life to guiding others in experiencing the healing lessons that lie beneath the surface of conflict.
Combining skills and education gained through her studies and practice of law, mediation, spiritual psychology, and communication, Belinda passionately supports individuals, couples, parents, and families through conflict, and towards compassion and healing through Paikea Mediation.

Kristine Clay

Kristine is excited and hopeful when she sees families become stronger through adversity. She is passionate about parents being a source of healing for their children. She feels even families who've gone through divorce or custody changes can grow together and be more resilient in the face of life's challenges. 

She developed Integrative Parent Coaching to help families stay focused on tools gleaned from relational neuroscience and attachment theory, strengthening or even restoring their relationship with their child.

Maida V. Farrar

Maida found that her role as an Attorney, Mediator, and Certified Divorce Coach allows her to pursue her passion for helping individuals navigate the divorce process so that they get more of what they want with as little conflict as possible. She accomplishes this through her business Alchemy Coaching

She believes that the foundation for her clients' success is rooted in setting healthy boundaries. Setting healthy boundaries is a road to freedom which is why she is so passionate about supporting her clients on their journey.

Nicola Beer

Nicola felt alone, confused, angry and abandoned when her parents divorced (age 13). Their handling of the separation (unintentionally) caused further damage and pain. So she has dedicated her life to help as many families as possible heal from the past and create a new beginning. 

Nicola provides compassionate coaching and practical strategies to minimize the stress, tension and strain divorce can have on parents and their children. 

She is grateful to work with parents and teenagers across the world online through her business Pure Peach Coaching

Cherie D. Morris

Cherie Morris is dedicated to supporting parents in separation and divorce. As a child of divorce, her parents understood, mostly, how to get it right for her. As a divorced mother with four children, Cherie experienced a gap between her upbringing and her experience. 

She believes education about guilt free co-parenting helps parents overcome chaos and overwhelm in separation and divorce to best serve their children. She loves her coaching work at Dear Divorce Coach

Sara Freed

Based in Brooklyn, NY, Sara Freed is a Certified Relationship Coach trained in the Gottman Method and Michele Weiner-Davis’s Divorce Busting. 

She knows firsthand how hard it can be when your life doesn’t turn out as expected – whether that means a divorce or struggling marriage. 

Her passion is helping couples to avoid divorce,  support blended families on how to come together, and guide divorced individuals to find (and keep!) happiness in their next marriage.
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