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Cannabis Industry
Welcome to the "BLAZE!" Project
We are carefully selecting 10 visionary cannabis entrepreneurs — cannapreneurs — to contribute to our much-anticipated new project, BLAZE! 10 Inspiring Conversations With Innovators Who are Pioneering the Green Rush.

You are a Trailblazer, Maverick, an Innovator! Isn't it time to shine a spotlight on your journey, passion, and business products and services for the cannabis industry? 

This project provides a unique opportunity for cannapreneurs — such as yourself — to elevate your business brand and dominate your niche while the industry is still young and not oversaturated. 

"BLAZE!" is a mostly "done-for-you" project in which we'll not only create an exclusive chapter in the best-selling book, hence earning you the title "best-selling author", which subsequently opens doors to many more business promoting opportunities, but we'll also get your message and business featured on iTunes, Stitcher, Spreaker and in the national media — among many other marketing perks customized for you and your brand.

This is the fastest way (90 days) to build upon your credibility in your niche and capitalize on the huge opportunities that come with being a recognized authority in this ever-evolving industry. We estimate 60 minutes of prep time prior to your interview + the 30 minute recorded podcast interview; your total project time commitment is 90 minutes. We handle the rest, keep you updated and elevate your brand every step of the process!

Scroll down below to learn about the many Business Benefits this project delivers, as well as the step-by-step Project Process. Then, Book an Appointment with us to secure your spot (or get your questions answered) in this Limited Time Opportunity. We have previously launched 2 similar projects and the 10 project spots fill up very quickly



Elevate your brand to the highest level of exposure, alongside some of the top cannabis entrepreneurs in the nation, via a syndicated podcast on CannaCast, as a co-author in a best-selling book, as well as media exposure via a media release and media outreach. 

Create your digital footprint NOW, and DOMINATE your niche in the cannabis industry.

Take action, share your story in a bold and impactful way, that will open doors to opportunities and catapult your success in 2016!
BUSINESS BENEFITS Let's drill down...

Published Author

How many of your competitors are published authors and featured in a best-selling book highlighting their business? <crickets> Exactly.

Imagine handing a copy of your best-selling book to a high quality prospect or investor. Do you think they would take you a little more seriously? Do you think sharing your story would help humanize your brand and make it more inviting and interesting? Think about the impact your chapter content would make when you provide a solution to your perfect prospect's pain point. 

"Published author" is a title that has significance and instant credibility behind it. Our celebrity and expert-obsessed culture associate “published author” with “expert”. It is an accomplishment that transcends time and will open up doors of opportunity for you. 

Doors of Opportunity....Opened

Being a published author in a best-selling book is the spark that can ignite opportunities such as:
     » Podcast Guest Spots on a popular cannabis podcast shows.
     » Conference or Event Speaker, often paid. In fact, having a book is often a pre-requisite to being invited to a speaking engagement - let your audience "take you home" by offering free copies of your book after the event.
     » Guest Blogger on a popular industry blog site with a link to the book in your bio at the end.
      » Featured in an Article: send a copy of your best-selling book, to get a popular cannabis journalist's or editor's attention. 


Media Mentions & Exposure

Journalists are constantly seeking newsworthy individuals in the cannabis industry to do feature stories on. Are you putting yourself out there in a unique or bold way to even get found by them? Are you newsworthy?

We combine syndicated podcasting, with best selling author and best selling book status, along with media exposure and mentions to help you get found and create that initial spark that perpetuates additional media exposure which continues to build upon itself.

The industry is young, set yourself apart from the masses and do the things others aren't. 

But the time is NOW, position yourself now and continue to build on your authority in the industry, to earn the role of go-to expert in your niche when the industry is booming. 

Co-Author Benefits

You may be surprised of the many benefits being a co-author has:

1) It positions you as an emerging entrepreneur in the industry

2) The combined marketing efforts of 10 co-authors working together to promote the book is 9x more effective than your effort alone, and 9x more exposure to your business. 

3) We have totally demystified & expedited the book writing process. Our interview-style, co-author books expedite the entire process of producing a book. Our team of 7 book publishing professionals have made becoming a published author obtainable for:
     » the busy entrepreneur
     » for the entrepreneur on a tight budget
     » for the entrepreneur who has big aspirations, in a short period        of time

Elevated Perceived Value

With effective authority positioning, it is not only logical, but expected, that you would charge higher service fees or product prices. 

Keep this in mind if your goal is to attract more premium clientele, who won't think twice about paying these fees to work with you or buy your products.

Your only limitations....lie within your own mindset.  


Authority Positioning as a Sales Tool

Hate sales? Authority Positioning sells YOU, so you don't have to. 

Interview-style podcasts and chapters flow easily since they are a conversation, they convey your passion and expertise very well. 

Your 30 minute interview will build that initial credibility and authority, as well as share your business benefits and solutions. 

Your prospect arrives pre-qualified and closing them is much, much easier. 

Priceless Exposure & List Building Opportunity

BLAZE! will be branded with a promotional book launch web page, social media promo graphics, receive exposure and buzz via media outreach, plus each contributor will be featured in their own syndicated press release. In addition, as we have done with our other book projects, it is our goal for an established cannabis entrepreneur to write the book forward, thereby giving the book a big boost of credibility.

Your chapter in the book is essentailly evergreen content that pushes free traffic to your website via a clickable URL to your website. 

Go a step further and capture a lead by providing a relevant and compelling report or simple checklist on your site that is relevant to your book content. The reader can download it after first providing their name and email address, from that point on you have a new highly qualified lead which you can continue to market to. 

ONCE ACCEPTED Here's how it works....

Step 1: Your Authority Podcast Interview

Tell your compelling story in a 30 minute interview while we position you as an innovator in your niche.

Your podcast interview will be edited and added to our CannaCast Podcast Show where we will feature you and your business, as well as syndicate your episode to the masses on iTunes, Stitcher and Spreaker

60 minute interview prep time, 30 min interview...90 minutes total commitment time...we handle the rest and work our magic!

Step 2: Published Author Status

Your Podcast Interview will be transcribed, professionally edited, proofread, formatted and published for an exclusive chapter in the book on Amazon. You’ll get full credit as a contributing author.
The book will be offered in both e-Book, via Amazon Kindle, and physical book formats. Purchase on-demand physical copies at a deep discount. Humanize your brand and connect more intimately with your target audience with your story. We will also provide a transparent 3D book cover image in various sizes, for you to display on your website.

Being a published author enhances visibility to your business, attracts pre-qualified prospects and investors, and opens doors of profit and opportunity.

Step 3: Best-Seller Campaign

We guarantee BLAZE! will hit bestseller status on Amazon. From that moment on, you will forever be known as a Best-Selling Author.

Create an instant trust trigger with our amazon best-seller badges that we will hand over to you to place on your website and marketing collateral. 

This type of authority positioning opens doors to speaking engagements, podcast interviews, and guest blogging opportunities. 

Step 4: Authority Media Release

We’ll release a media announcement about you being featured in the best-selling book BLAZE! to hundreds of websites including ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX affiliate stations. 

This means you will be positioned as a leading entrepreneur in the cannabis industry on the websites of the most influential media companies in the world.

If you haven't already, you need to be building out a media page on your website and linking to your media mentions. You can then create an instant credibility "as seen in..." media banner for your site with logos to all the media sites your business has been featured in. 

BONUS #1: Streaming Audio Player

Humanize your brand by sharing your interview (and story) with all of your website visitors through a sleek streaming player that can be embedded easily on your site.

Being featured on our CannaCast podcast show, amongst some of the top cannabis entrepreneurs in the industry today, is an obvious badge of third party validation and credibility


BONUS #2: Social Media Promotional Graphics & Swipe Copy

Highlight your role as a contributor in the best-selling, newly launched BLAZE! book with our project branded social media promo graphics sized for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn-both for social site banners and social updates.

In addition, we will send you our "Humble Brag" marketing copy swipe files that take the guesswork out of promoting yourself and your business during the project process.

BONUS #3: Book Launch Promo Site

Your business will be featured in the chapter breakdown section, and you will be highlighted in our "Meet the Authors" section on our book launch promotional site linking to your website, and linking to the book for purchase on Amazon. 

You can freely use this done-for-you book launch web page to promote your involvement and raise awareness of the book launch to your networks and lists as well. 
Your Cannabis Business Featured on...
A Done-For-You Authority Positioning Solution...
...worth thousands of dollars in expert services and brand exposure, 
but requiring only 90 minutes of your time and a small investment (which can be paid over 3-4 months), 
we do all the heavy-lifting:
✔ 30 Minute Interview 
✔ Editing
✔ Audio Engineering
✔ Featured on 
✔ Syndication to iTunes, Stitcher & Spreaker
✔Streaming Audio Player for your website
Best-Selling Book
✔ Transcription 
✔ Professional Proofreading & Editing
✔ Formatting for Amazon Kindle & Physical Book Copies
✔ Best-Seller Campaign
✔ Promo Launch Site
✔ 3D Book Cover (for your site)
Media Exposure
✔ Press Release
✔ Press Release Syndication
✔ Social Media Promo Graphics
✔ Social Media Promotion
✔ Media Outreach
✔ Media Banner  
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